Monday, April 24, 2006

Dan Devine Mortgage School & Training

Pending approval of certification by the TDSML, the following courses, (both Core & CE) will be held in Houston, at the Holiday Inn Select, 2712 Southwest Freeway at Kirby Dr., in either the Harmony Room or in the Conference Room on the second floor of the hotel. The Holiday Inn is located on the north side of the Southwest Freeway, three blocks west of Kirby Dr., located next to the Red Cross Headquarters Building. Parking is covered, secured and monitored. The parking fee is reduced to $2 per day for students; please bring your parking ticket to class so that your ticket can be stamped for the reduced parking rate. The site & building are handicapped accessible.

The cost of each course is $145.00 per course; please pay by check, cashier's check, money order or cash.
Please call 713-857-1009 to reserve space for the course prior to attendance or for any questions regarding the presentation of the courses. An approved ID will need to be presented for identification. Cell phones will need to be turned off during the course, and no electronic recording devices will be allowed. The course will be an open discussion format and will NOT have an examination; full attendance is required to complete each course. Certification of Course Completion will be issued upon full attendance of the course.

Dan Devine Mortgage Training Schedule: Weekend courses are held on Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 5:30 pm on Sat, and on Sunday from 8am to 4:30pm. Evening classes are held Monday through Thursday, with classes beginning at 6pm and ending at 10pm, Mon.-Wed., and ending at 9pm on Thursday evening. In addition, daytime classes will be held during the work-week, over a two day period from 8am to 5:30 the first day & 8am to 4:30pm the second day.

OMI (Orientation to the Mortgage Industry/15 hrs.)-Core.
CIE (Texas Compliance Issues & Ethics/15 hrs.)-Core/CE.

5/15-5/18: Evenings/CIE
5/20 & 5/21: Weekend/CIE
5/22-5/25: Evenings/CIE
5/30 & 5/31: Weekday/OMI

6/01 & 6/02: Weekday/CIE
6/03 & 6/04: Weekend/OMI
6/05-6/08: Evenings/OMI
6/10 & 6/11: Weekend/CIE
6/14 & 6/15: Weekday/CIE
6/16 & 6/17: Fri/Sat/OMI
6/19-6/22: Evenings/CIE
6/22 & 6/23: Weekday/CIE
6/24 & 6/25: Weekend/CIE
6/26-6/29: Evenings/OMI
6/29 & 6/30: Weekday/OMI

7/01 & 7/02: Weekend/CIE
7/03 & 7/04: Weekday/OMI
7/06 & 7/07: Weekday/CIE
7/08 & 7/09: Weekend/OMI
7/10-7/13: Evenings/CIE
7/13 & 7/14: Weekday/OMI
7/15 & 7/16: Weekend/CIE
7/17-7/20: Evenings/OMI
7/22 & 7/23: Weekend/CIE
7/24-7/27: Evenings/CIE
7/29 & 7/30: Weedend/OMI